Corporate Identity Brand Building 101

Corporate identity brand building is not a task to take lightly and it does require some time to understand how to brand your company in today’s new economy and it begins with doing the RIGHT market research.

This means you MUST have a viable business plan in place to achieve your objectives. As a corporate visionary, you will have all sorts of ideas and plans from your think-tank sessions but while as amazing as your visions for your company’s future are it is imperative that you know EXACTLY how to take those ideas from the whiteboard and get them published online in a way that gets you the most impact to help in your efforts in corporate identity brand building.

Yes, I know, you are a smart and savvy business owner or top level company executive but in order to make the most impact when your are putting forth effort on corporate brand building you might have to let go off what you think you know and start using the internet in the right way to leverage your trademark registrations to gain maximum impact in this new information based economy.

It can be very overwhelming when you are building your corporate brand but when you get your complementary subscription to The VEO Report, you will gain clarity on EXACTLY what you need to do to implement your ideas via free search engine rankings, social media outlets like FaceBook and Twitter and more importantly you will learn how to dig deeper into the social media by using VEO (Visitor Experience Optimization) tactics to create Cashflow Conversations.

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To begin your corporate identity brand building there are some basic elements you must get right to succeed with your corporate brand building efforts

Keyword Research

If you want to build a successful corporate brand identity in this new information based economy you need to know how people are search for your products or services online.

Make sure you watch my video tutorial in my WordTracker Review post to gain insights into online market research.

Depending on where you are at in building or corporate brand identity you might want to take a look at companies that are doing well in today’s economy and review my Best Selling Items post to take get ideas for your own corporate identity brand building efforts.

Logo Design

Once you have completed gathering your market intelligence to discover how people will type in phrases to find you in the major search engines you will need to create a logo design that resonates with your target market.

Notice on The VEO Report blog that at the time of writing this, there is NO actual logo, only a picture of me smiling ear to ear on the sunny and gorgeous beach in Santa Barbara California.

Right now, that picture serves as my corporate identity because that picture resonates with the majority of my audience.

That picture represents everything I worked hard to achieve, I booked a flight on a moments notice, I had just recently started my corporation and while standing there on the beach near the Fess Parker Double Tree hotel I realized “Wow, I made it”

I never get tired of telling that story and when I meet my subscribers in person at corporate events, they love hearing the story.

In a sense that picture serves as my own corporate identity and because my audience likes it, I am not going to change what’s not broken.

The lesson here is I know my target market and what they love about seeing my face in this fashion and the story behind the picture creates a rapport. That rapport makes me real and with that reality comes a high level of trust and you better believe trust sells!!!

But that trust was only created by performing keyword research and actually talking personally, as a corporate visionary, with my target market.

Yes, there is a LOT more you will need to build a sustainable corporate identity so make sure you and your colleagues get your FREE business success guide by entering your name and email address into the form on this blog to claim your subscription now.

But, if you have any immediate pressing questions you need answers to right now then make sure you ask your questions on the blog.

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