This Is Your Detailed Website Training Plan

When you are looking to make a buck online you need to get a detailed website training plan that actually produces results.

If you use the analogy of getting fit you know that you will need a detailed workout routine to follow to get back to top fitness levels that show you all the strength training workouts necessary to regain you peak fitness.

But the problem keeps coming from trying quick fix diets and magic pills that promise you results but after spending massive amounts of money buying into these false hope programs you realise that maybe, just maybe, achieving your goals might just actually take some effort on your part.

Yes! The age old adage that states you get back what you put in holds true no matter what your goals are.

I have created some formulas for myself to serve as reminders of EXACTLY what it takes to achieve my goals in my online business but know that no matter what your goals are these formulae ALWAYS hold true

Talk – Action = Zero

Knowledge – Action . . . Still equals ZERO

Knowledge + Action = Results

A Burning Desire + Action + Knowledge = Results = $$$

If you are serious about taking action to live the life of freedom I got, where I have become famous for the saying “Summers of Freedom” because I am free from a boss, free from a job and I really enjoy spending the summers with my kids and have the ability to NOT work ALL summer long because of my online business then here is what you MUST do to begin is:

1. Perform Market Research

As you saw in the accompanying video, you can start your research to gain market intelligence with the Google Keyword Tool

While that is a great starting point you will need to dig deeper more efficiently using the WordTracker Keyword Tool, if you haven’t already seen my Green Money Line keyword research strategy then you can go watch my WordTracker Review tutorial now to get deeper insights on how to perform your keyword research

2. How to Write SEO Articles

While this article is only a high level summary, you need to perform your keyword research so that you can get top ten natural search engine placement on your targeted phrases you are going to need to get a couple of tools.

Also make sure you read the “How to Write SEO Articles” post to get a full understanding of how to create content.

Required Tool #1 – WordTracker

The Google Keyword Research Tool is inherently flawed because you are only getting phrases that Google wants you to bid on because they are relying on your ignorance, they assume that you won’t dig deeper.

Yes this might sound confusing to you right now but when you subscribe to the VEO Report newsletter right now, you will gain clarity on terms such as Commercial Intent but what you need to know is that Google’s keyword tool does NOT allow you to dig deeper into finding your Green Money Line keywords with high Commercial Intent

If you don’t already got it, then you need to subscribe now to take advantage of the

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Required Tool #2 – Theme phrase generator

Keywords are NOT enough!

Google has become VERY sophisticated in how they rank websites in the top ten of their search results and one factor that is INCREDIBLY difficult to sort out is their Latent Semantic Indexing technology that is at play in their search results.

Yes, you better believe that LSI is complicated because it forces you to learn about some VERY complicated math, with things like Vector Space Analysis . . .. How good is your calculus right now?

Yeah, I got 100% in my first calculus mid-term test at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to be a mathematics wiz in order to get this stuff right all you need is to take advantage of my fellow geeks software that shows you all this stuff,

You can avoid all this geek speak, by getting KRA Pro now

KRA Pro will generate a list of supporting phrases to use in your articles so it’s no brainer easy

Creating a Detailed Website Plan Overview

Here are the initial steps you must take to begin your journey in creating a successful online business:

1. Choose a Niche

Watch my video showing you how to find the best selling items online by using Amazon’s best sellers

To get the market intelligence to find out what’s selling right now, go to and click through the various categories and then click on the bestsellers tab near the top and then compile a list of products to sell

Visit Amazon Here

2. Keyword Research

Use WordTracker to generate a list of keyword phrases that people are using to search for those products. If you need to review the keyword research video tutorial I prepared for you, you can watch my WordTracker Review video here. In this video, I show you how to find what I call “Green Money Lines” to find the fastest path to cash.

Your keyword research will form your website content creation plan.

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3. Register a Domain Name

There are 2 hosting companies that I use, the first is BlueHost, I decided to use their service because they give you a FREE domain name and offer incredible value and reliability.

I use BlueHost to register all my new domain names because I like the flexibility they offer with accepting PayPal payments.

Get your FREE domain name now

4. Order Website AutoResponder Hosting

While I have some websites hosted at BlueHost, I host my main websites where I have a full business plan in place that includes product creation and email autoresponder follow-up at GoldBar.

GoldBar includes a full autoresponder service with their website hosting package and best of all they give you a 30 day FREE hosting trial!

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5. Write VEO style articles using my Green Money Line formula

Now that you have done your keyword research and have your website hosting ready, it’s time to create articles targeting those phrases so you can rank at the top of the search engines to get targeted traffic to your website that is interested in buying what you have to offer.

You can review the “How to Write SEO Articles” tutorial to see exactly how I use KRA Pro to generate a list of supporting phrases to include in your articles.

If you have already seen the video, then make sure you have the best tool for your search engine optimization efforts.

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Yes, there is a LOT more to this business and I am doing my best to get all this to you for free but due to all the complicated stuff that is involved I can’t give you everything in just one post.

So, if you don’t already have your FREE subscription to get access to these tutorials then make sure you take a second to enter your name and email address in the form on this website.

But if you have any immediate questions then go ahead and ask your questions about how to create a detailed website training plan here on The VEO Report blog.

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