Keyword Popularity Research – Lesson 1

Online Prescriptions Tramadol The first thing you want to do to achieve online success faster is to perform keyword popularity research and keep your research with micro niche keywords to begin with. It’s important to focus on micro maniche phrases when you are first starting out online because it will help you keep your focus.

Buy 100Mg Tramadol Online When you laser focus your keyword research on a micro niche as a starting point you’ll avoid getting distracted.
What is micro niche keyword research?

A micro niche is a subset of a larger category for example let’s say you wanted to created a site about dogs, a micro niche would be dog training or even how to teach your dog to roll over.

Micro niche keywords are also defined as phrases that people type into search engines such as Google that have very low competing results and a moderate amount of monthly searches.

How to perform keyword research for free

The first thing you need to know is how many times people are typing in a search term each month. You can find out how many times people are typing search terms into Google using their free keyword suggestion tool but once you see how much manual effort you have to do to find out how many other websites are truly competing for that phrase you’ll want to get Market Samurai.

Here’s the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

How to Use Google’s Adwords Keyword Popularity Research Tool

here Method 1: Search a keyword phrase
Type in a search phrase in the box where it reads “Word or phrase (one per line)”, you should start by entering just one root phrase to get find out the keyword popularity of your search term. Again, I recommend starting with just one root phrase at a time especially for beginners to stay focused will bring your first success faster. Method 2: Spy on a competing website
If there’s a website you want to use as a model of one you’d like to create then you can enter their website address into the box that reads “website”.

If you are planning to make money selling products as an affiliate then it’s a really good idea to choose a merchant to promote and get a set of keywords to target to promote their goods and services.

Tramadol Online Overnight Saturday Delivery Method 3: Research by Category
You can also you the categories Google has provided to find your niche market. Simply drill down into a niche you are interested in under the “All Categories” and you’ll be able to find some niche keywords to target.

How to Assess Keyword Competition
Once you have determined there is enough search volume for your keyword now you need to find out how many other people are competing for that search position and there are several factors you want to look at to determine how easy it’s going to be to get your page to the top of Google.

go here Competing Results in Search Engine Results

The first thing to look at is how many results show up for your search term when you type your keyword phrase into Google. A good rule of thumb is if there are 1 million or fewer results on your search phrase that’s indicator #1 that it’s an easier ranking to achieve.

The number of results that appear is the number of sites that have to words you typed into the search engine somewhere on the page.

When you search How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over, at the time of writing this article there are 275,000 results that appear for this phrase but you need to analyze your keywords more and next we are going to wrap this keyword search term example in quotes to find out more competitive intelligence.

Quoted Search Competing Results
The next thing you need to know is how many web pages have your phrase in the exact order. To find this out you simply wrap your search term in double quotes, for example:
“How to teach my dog to roll over”.

This will show you how many people have that phrase in that exact order on their website, these are sites that think they are targeting that phrase.

When you search Google for “how to teach your dog to roll over” wrapped in double quotes you’ll see that the number of competing websites has dropped from 275,000 to 23,000 competing keyword results.

But now we want to dig deeper to find out how many people have used these keyword phrases in their website meta title. Title Competition

The next step you need to perform to get a sense of in your keyword popularity research is how many people have used your target keyword phrase in their meta title tag, that’s the words you see in the top of your web browser.

To find out how many potential competitors have used this phrase in their title you need to type into Google your search term like this – allintitle:how to teach your dog to roll over

This will give you a sense of how many other websites are trying to optimize their page for this keyword search phrase and you’ll want to perform the same research for how many websites include this in their URL or website address

When we perform an allintitle search we now see the number of apparent competitors has dropped from 275,000 search results down to a measly 184 websites that have used this phrase in their title tag.

The competition, as you are seeing now, is not as insurmountable as you first thought.
go here
Website URL Competition Assessment

Just like the keyword title competition research you’ll need to go back to Google again and type in allinurl:how to teach your dog to roll over

Once you’ve done all your keyword research you will need to compare how many search results appear in line with how many websites have your keyword phrases with exact match or quoted search, competition with the title tag and how many websites have included your target keyword phrases in their website URL address.

This is a VERY time consuming task and that’s why I use a tool that automates the entire procedure for me.

Because of the time it takes to manually perform all the keyword research on each and every phrase you think you might want to target for top ten results in Google you will need to become more efficient with your keyword popularity research efforts and get a tool that will not break the bank yet help you find out what are the best keyword popularity search terms to target

When you buy the tool I use for my keyword popularity research, a keyword tool that automatically does all the keyword competition analysis you need, you’ll agree with me that automating the task of keyword popularity research is something you are definitely going to need to in your arsenal of online marketing tools.

It’s time for you to make one of the best investments in your business and online entrepreneurial efforts to save both time and money.

The best thing I like about the tool I use is, not only does it automatically perform keyword competitive research for me, it’s also a one time cost for me which means I get to use it each and every month without be forced into paying expensive monthly subscription costs like most tools that deliver the same information

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If you’ve got questions about keyword research or want to hire a professional service to recommend what keyword you should target go ahead and submit your questions and requests for our keyword research done for you service

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