Here are the basics you must get done when you are creating your marketing plan outline. If you miss any of these steps then your marketing efforts could be wasted. The information you are about to read comes from my 10 years experience as an online small business entrepreneur.

The first thing you need to do is determine if there is actually a demand for the products or services you offer to the market place.

Step 1 – Creating a Marketing Plan Outline – Determine Market Feasibility

The first step in creating a marketing plan outline is determining if your target market is feasible meaning is there actually any demand for your products and services?

Before entering into a market the very first thing you must do is determine if the market wants or needs what you have to offer.

Just because Aunt Betsy and your mother said that’s a cool business idea and they would buy what you have doesn’t mean the rest of the world wants or needs your products or services.

When you start creating your marketing plan outline you need to tune out the encouragement of your buddies and relatives and get to hard-nosed market feasibility research.

The best way to determine if people are actually seeking what you have to offer in business is via some simple keyword research strategies to discover how people are using search engines such as Google to look for the stuff they want.

It’s very easy in your marketing plan outline to determine market feasibility because there are easy to use tools that give you this data right at your fingertips, the best market feasibility program you can buy on the market today is called WordTracker.

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Step 2 – Creating a Marketing Plan Outline – Determine Market Profit Potential

This step goes hand-in-hand with step one, in that there’s no point to pursuing a market that doesn’t exist, there is also no point of pursuing your business plan if there is low profitability.

The best way to identify profitability is to leverage existing data at well known companies such as Amazon for example.

Because has sells almost everything you can go look at their best sellers in all their categories to find out exactly what types of items people are actively buying right now.

Make a list of the best selling items in your marketing plan outline to help you as you move forward in your business. When you take that action to perform that research you may see exactly where the opportunity is and jump on that.

Yes, being successful in business takes willingness to adapt and adjust course combined with a little determination along the way.

Step 3 – Creating a Marketing Plan Outline – Set Your Unique Selling Proposition

Once you have discovered where the money is in step one and two of your marketing plan outline you need to put a unique spin your position in the market.

This is a matter of creativity and what you want to do when creating your USP, Unique Selling Proposition, is to create feelings versus what the product actually is. Your USP really comes down to becoming a good story teller.

What’s your story? Write it down in your marketing plan outline to share with the world.

Step 4 – Creating a Marketing Plan Outline – Targeting the Media

Now you have a solid foundation and you are set up to create a successful business the next thing you need to do is tell the world about your business.

If you don’t have a website already you are going to need to get one because the most powerful media on the planet has become the internet. The internet allows you to pull laser targeted customers to your online store.

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Because in step one you were analyzing market feasibility little did you know you were performing valuable business intelligence research. What you have to understand is that because you researched market feasibility you were also discovering exactly how people are searching for your company online so once you have a website online you need to create free articles containing those phrases to get the opportunity to reach active customer at exactly the moment they are looking for your store.

Step 5 – Creating a Marketing Plan Outline – Staying Connected to Your Customers

The next step is to plan how you are going to stay connected with those people that visited your website. In your marketing plan outline you are going to need to include a series of messages that you can send directly to your customers.

Remember in step four I said you need to get website hosting and web services, an essential web service you need is an email auto-responder system allowing you to stay in direct contact with all your customers and potential customers.

All you have to do to put your marketing efforts on auto-pilot is do some upfront planning with why your customers need to get what you have to offer.

This is the best part about marketing online is the ability to automate your sales, removing you from the day to day usually selling aspects to work on growing your business.

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