Here is a proven domain name monetization strategy that you can use right now

Here are mini site development tips to rank in search engines:

1. Unique content is critical – Hire a real writer or do it yourself

2. Order web hosting that provides unlimited domains to build your niche mini sites

3. Domain name mini sites with revenue are best done with a keyword focus registrations

If you watch my Green Money Line video you will see how quickly I get search engine rankings on new domain names without an ounce of Page Rank.

I am sure most people have heard that content is king but content is not enough because the search engines, Google in particular have become very sophisticated in finding duplicate content even if you take PLR content and re-write it.

If you want domain name mini sites with revenue being produced from them then you must know that mini sites can make money but you have to know that it’s unique content that is the king.

To build yourself domain name mini site with revenue you will need to use the tool I do to get the full blown power of getting both short and long tail rankings, the tool I use to make money with these mini site strategies does a lot in the way of domain development.

In fact this article was written using my secret weapon for selling stuff online and earning massive revenue from both my big and mini sites.

What I think you will find impressive is the fact that with a new domain name I got a #1 Google rank on a term with over 2 Million competing results.

To get domain name mini sites with revenue you first need to run some keyword reports read through to get the exact 5 steps to follow so you can earn money too.

Then to make money with a mini site development you will need to generate a list of semantically related phrases to use in your content.

To automatically find these phrases I use KRA Pro, but let’s get to the system for making money online

Your Mini Course in site development for creating domain name mini sites with revenue

Step 1: Selecting Keywords and Phrases

Create keyword reports to get a set of targeted phrases.

Before you can make any money with mini sites you need to know how visitors are using search engines to find products and services.

Before you can start earning you need to determine if there is demand for a product or service and the best way to find out what’s selling is to find out how often and what people are searching for.

To discover how people are searching online you need a keyword research tool.

Use WordTracker for keyword research

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Step 2: Register domains and web hosting

Once you have done your research and know what keywords people are typing into search engines then you need to register domain names for your mini sites.

For those of you that are serious about building an online empire you should use the web hosting company I use because later on you are going to want the automated online selling tools they provide packaged with their web hosting

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Step 3: Creating Unique Content is King

What domainer’s typically miss is the value of unique content. What I have seen happen to a lot of domain owners is they buy a domain name with the hopes that somebody will want to acquire the domain at a highly inflated price.

While that strategy can make money, the value of those domains is increased exponentially when you get them ranked at the top of the search engines.

In order to get your site ranked at the top of the search engine results pages, unique content isn’t enough.

To get your mini sites earning revenue you do need unique content but your unique articles will not become king until you use semantically related phrases in your article.

To develop a list of semantically related keywords that you must include in your article you need to have a tool that will query the search engines and extract these phrases for you

Here is the tool I use to get my mini sites earning money fast:

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Step 4: How to Earn Money – Join Affiliate Programs

For the benefit of those that aren’t already aware of this, the way you make money online without having your own product or service is through affiliate programs.

The fastest way to get your mini sites earning money is to join CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) affiliate networks.

A CPA affiliate network typically pays you when somebody submits and confirms their contact information. What’s really cool about CPA affiliate offers is you can make money from your mini-sites without actually selling anything

There are literally thousands of affiliate networks out there but here are 2 networks I trust and use the most

1. The PepperJam Affiliate Network
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2. NeverBlue CPA Affiliate Network
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The reason joining affiliate networks is Step #4 is before you can get domain name mini site with revenue rolling, you need to have a web presence to get accepted into these networks.

In fact, when you get your web site to the top of the search engine pages you can expect to hear from many jealous shop owners that want you selling their products because they know you have the web site traffic they want.

Step 5: Rinse and repeat

To get your mini-site earning money you should write anywhere from 5 to 25 unique content articles per site and you should choose WordPress as your content management publishing system

Tips for maximizing this domain name mini sites with revenue strategy

It’s best if you use this strategy as a series of satellite traffic sources that feed a greater business model.

Your goal should be to build a big site that is can be put up for sale and offers value to a prospective buyer. Value of a website relates to how much revenue is produced an how many followers you have in your database.

Selling mini sites is quite easy because most webmasters simply don’t put in the effort to build a website that generates income.

Stay tuned for more information about creating your mini site business empire on the VEO Report blog for more tips for success.

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