Internet Business Consulting to Increase Your Online Sales

Before you hire an internet business consulting firm you need to know what you don’t know about online marketing because I have seen several companies paying far too much for services that are readily available for free.

An internet business consultant needs a proven ability to get success in highly competitive markets with all aspects of search engine marketing including:

1. White hat search engine optimization

All too often you will get so called internet business consulting companies telling you they can submit your website to 1000’s of search engines for thousands of your valuable advertising dollars.

If you enter talks with an internet business consultant trying to sell you on this type of search engine marketing submission service it’s time for you to move on and look for the next online business consultant because the only search engines that really matter are Google, Yahoo and MSN.

2. Development of a Blog & Social Media Strategy

Next you need an internet business consulting firm that understands the dynamics of online public relations via a solid blog strategy that fits your web site objectives.

You will need to have a blog strategy to get your web site known both in social media communities and search engine marketing strategies. Many internet business consulting firms use social media strategies for the wrong reason and when blog strategies are not properly implement then white hat search engine optimization strategies are compromised.

Because of how search engines such as Google determine your search engine positioning, if there mathematical equations that determine ranking view your link building strategies as black hat then you risk getting your web site banned by Google and that is devastating for any business owner.

3. Development of Viral Customer Relationship Building Strategies

In most cases your online sales do not happen the first time a potential customer visits your web site so you have to give your web site audience information that will help them solve their problems.

The use of free reports combined with various other viral marketing strategies such as web site tell-a-friend scripts will grow your company’s customer base faster.

These are 3 keys to hiring an internet business consulting firm but the consultant you hire should be aware of software solutions to help your specific business needs because there are solutions that range wildly in pricing and you need to make sure you get the right solution and the right price for your specific online business.

Because there are SO many new media opportunities, such as tweeting, that you need to know how and if you should use for your online business.

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