What is a podcast, Scott says to think of it as a radio show and all you need to is talk

RSS feed delivers an MP3 audio file to your computer and those are automatically downloaded directly to your subscribers feed and then your podcast is then sent directly to their ipod.

Just like a radio show a podcast gives you the ability to entertain and inform your audience.

So how can you take the information in Scott Paton’s Podcast Bootcamp to make money online.

Just like email marketing you are delivering your message directly to your audience but unlike an email marketing campaign a podcast when done using the training you get from Scott Paton’s Podcast Bootcamp is always delivered direct to your subscribers computer without email spam filters

Next in the podcast bootcamp Scott talks about the change in technology online that gives us greater bandwidth is allowing us to deliver video and audio online.

Getting back to why you would want to attend Scott Paton’s Podcast Bootcamp

You would learn that Windows Media Player is levelled in usage and the itunes media player is growing exponentially and because of that you are getting in front of a rapidly growing audience.

Podcasting to get followers, the followers come from far off unknown places it’s like magic but before you go hog wild on creating a podcast you need something to talk about.

Stay tuned to the VEO Report blog because I will be blogging the Scott Paton Podcast Bootcamp throughout the weekend.

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