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Pen to Paper Brainstorming

Tramadol Online Rx Putting your pen to paper, begin your quest in making money online in a place where you are inspired.

Cheap Tramadol For Dogs For me, sometimes getting inspiration comes when I am kicking back and relaxing with a cup of coffee at Starbucks and other times I drive an hour east of Vancouver out to Harrison Hot Springs Resort in beautiful British Columbia to take in the majestic views to be had there.

Tramadol 180 Tabs Online Other times I find inspiration in the Okanagan region of British Columbia and enjoying my SeaEagle 380x inflatable kayak I got for being their top affiliate (Thanks again John, that boat rocks!)

This inspires me!

enter site Actual picture taken from my Vaseux Lake “Office” Planning your website takes more than just semantics, it takes inspiration. In fact your success will be largely decided based on how you feel, if you are feeling down and depressed then that’s a really BAD time to try to plan.

Website Planning Venue

We all get those days where we are just feeling low and tired, perhaps somebody ticked you off recently and your not in a place where you feel good.

Yeah, it happens to all of us including me so what I do when I am feeling run down and not feeling up to the tasks at hand is I will go to my “Happy Place” and as you can see from the above picture, I was in a VERY happy place and produced some amazing plans that resulted in earning over $60,000 in a single month!!!

Semantic Research – Introducing the “New” WordTracker

In order to get my point across, I am going to take you through planning just one category and subsequent subcategories. When you see the effort I go through in planning my blog you will understand why it takes me a week or more to plan my blog in some cases.

1. Use The New WordTracker Keyword Research Tool

The new version of WordTracker has been released at EXACTLY the right time because their new interface makes website planning MUCH easier

Get your FREE WordTracker Trial Here

2. Check top ten results

Search Google for your top level category to get more ideas of categories to include on your blog and add those to your content plan document.

3. Check Google AdWords External Keyword Tool

If you have an existing site that’s not getting the rankings you feel you deserve, then do a sanity check to see what Google thinks your website is about using the External Keyword Tool.

You can also use the Google External Keyword Tool to get planning data from websites that appear in the top ten organic search rankings for your categories.

Here is the Google External Keyword Tool

4. Run KRA Pro on a selected keyword

Once you’ve got your categories selected and documented in your content creation plan it’s time to select keyword from your WordTracker keyword reports and start generating theme reports which in turn will give you semantic keywords to target.

Not only do I use KRA Pro for creating semantic articles but I also use it to create a list of more seed keyword phrases and then once I’ve published a set of articles from the theme report I will create internal links within my website content which then builds depth to each article

Order Tramadol With Paypal Get KRA Pro Here

Before I sign off on this article I have to address one of the MOST frequently asked questions I got when I asked you to e-mail me your questions:

The question that got frequently asked was “I have traffic but I’m not selling anything, what should I do to convert my traffic to sales?”

In case you missed it, I recorded a video tutorial showing you how to find out what’s selling right now here in the Best Selling Items video

Notice that I just found another way to work in some internal content based deep linking back to that article and it was easy for me to do on The VEO Report blog because I took the time necessary to create a plan, an ever-growing content plan in place that serves to easily get internal links like this.

The good news my friends is you can’t get this wrong!

Remember to go back and check the Google External Keyword Tool periodically to make sure Google thinks your website is about what you want it to be about and either fix your site or adjust course and re-plan your content based on the data you get from checking the AdWords keyword tool.

Go ahead and ask your questions, I know you likely have a few because I can’t possibly address everything in just one video and I do my best to keep these tutorials as short and to the point as possible

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