Tier 1 Automotive Suppliers – Lower than Manufacturer Cost

Terms get thrown around the automotive supplier industry like crazy, there are tons of automotive shops and retail parts stores that are looking for Tier 1 Automotive Suppliers.

When it comes down to it, in the automotive parts industry and you are a business owner it doesn’t matter whether your purchase is made from tier 1 and tier 2 automotive suppliers, what DOES matter is how much you get your parts in stock for.

Let’s face it, every business is suffering in today’s tough economic times and to turn a profit you absolutely have to get a parts inventory at bargain prices.

When my friend, Andy, showed me how operates in the tier 1 automotive suppliers business and how his parts acquisition process works and his massive inventory of parts it blew my mind.

Andy and I got to talking about how he could move his excess inventory on the internet because he recently used his buying tactics to acquire more automotive parts than he had room for in his warehouse, I offered to help him get product off the floor.

Heck, he told me how frustrated his forklift drivers were getting because they are right now having to move palettes out of the way constantly throughout the day to access inventory for shipping.

Because my friend Andy is a tier 1 automotive supplier he has unique methods for getting inventory at a fraction of wholesale warehouse cost. In fact some of the inventory on the floor right now is worth $47,000 warehouse distributor value but he needs to turn this inventory immediately and is willing to break even on this inventory for only $12,000

You need to act immediately on this because this deal will

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