Tell me What do the Domain Extensions Stand For?

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Tramadol Buy Australia When you want to know “What do the domain extensions stand for”, what you are looking to understand is the top level domain structure used by the internet’s domain name system (DNS).

Tramadol Order Cod The top level domain extensions are controlled by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). In order that the Domain Name System works, it is necessary that there be a controlling entity that assigns top level domains because a domain name is for humans but computers work on numbers.

click here Web site servers find internet web sites by their assigned number, on the internet these numbers the computers that serve web pages is known as an IP Address (Internet Protocol Address). But us humans would go nuts if we had to go to web sites by the IP Address. Can you imagine having to type a number like every time you wanted to visit The VEO Report blog? Yeah, you would likely cancel your internet access fairly quickly!

source url But thanks to the DNS system we get to type in actual human friendly addresses such as to get to our desired destination on the internet.

List of the Most Common Internet Domain Extensions

Tramadol Pet Meds Online There are tons of domain extensions available but let’s first talk about what the most common domain name extensions stand for.

follow site The most common domain extension is .com How To Get Tramadol Online Uk What does the .com domain extension mean?

Order Tramadol Overnight Visa The .com top level domain stands for Commercial and this is the most common extension used on the internet. While this extension was initially intended for commercial websites it has become the defacto top level domain standard.

follow follow link What does the .org domain extension mean?

get link The .org extension stands for Organization and is intended for typically non-profit organizations but there are no restrictions on you getting one of these extensions.

go site In fact, you should consider getting a .com and a .org and use the .org to build an online community. Just an idea…

Purchase Tramadol Online Cod What does the .net domain extension mean?

The .net domain extension stands for Network and is usually used by web hosting companies and domain registrars along with other internet providers that have some form of connection to how the internet works.

enter What does the .info domain extension mean?

The .info extension stands for Information and was intended to be for purely informational websites however over the years search engine spammers have scooped up a lot of .info

Typically, I advise my private coaching clients to avoid registering .info domains.

click What does the .biz domain extension mean?

The .biz domain extension stands for Business and it’s intended for businesses. The .biz top level domain was created because good .com domains were becoming for difficult to get and another top level domain was created for business owners to be able to get access to more domains focusing on commercial intent.

Tips for Domain Extensions to Get Search Engine Rankings

Before choosing a domain name you should read the article I wrote in my blog post titled “WordTracker Review” because you should do some base level keyword research before your proceed with your domain name registration.

You should perform keyword research first before registering a domain name because it can impact your potential search engine rankings.

To help you choose a domain name let’s say I was building a website all about domain name registration and I decided to target the keyword phrase “What do the Domain Extensions Stand For” based on the keyword research I did.

Now you will see examples of a good domain name and a bad domain name to help you register a domain name that will set you up for success with your web site.

Example of a Good Domain Name

When you are registering a domain name you should try to include a base of your targeted keyword phrase.

In this example, let’s say our top level keyword phrase is “Domain Extensions”, an example of a good domain in this case would be

Example of a Bad Domain Name

Now let’s take a look at an example of a bad domain name where again we are targeting the keyword phrase “What do the domain extensions stand for”

A bad domain name in this case would be because this type of domain is very spammy in nature and will NOT do well if you want to get top search engine rankings

If you have any questions about domain name extensions or registration please post your comments and questions below.

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