Which Domain Extension Means What? This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get from my student and clients when they are hunting sale of domain names at commercial domain name seller and registration sources.

Top level domain name extensions seem to be a roadblock to getting on with the task of conducting business online and getting your web site found in the search engines.

The top level domain isn’t as important as you might think but I will list the common domain extensions with my commentary on each extension

1. The Dot Com Domain Extension Means What?

Dot Com (.com) – This is the most common extension that we have all known about since 1994. Dot Com stands for Commercial meaning that this site is intended for commerce but the intent of that original intention has been lost and now almost every site, even information only website use the .com top level domain extension because it has become the defacto extension used by the masses

2. The Dot Biz Domain Extension Means What?

Dot Biz (.biz) – Since the original intention of the .com extension was supposed to have been for commercial use but became the mainstream top extension, the .biz top level extension was introduced for business websites. But one of the drawbacks to .biz domain names is the tendency for them NOT to appear in the search engine results pages. Rumors circulate that this is due to webmaster abuse of these domains while it is very likely that they don’t appear as often because fewer people register them.

One strike against the .biz domain is from your visitor’s perception, the .biz top level domain extension screams of a sales pitch. As an online seller, especially in today’s uncertain times you must focus on building a community with people that visit your web site and give them answers to their unanswered questions.

3. The Dot Info Domain Extension Means What?

Dot Info (.info) – This top level domain extension is intended for information websites that are not selling anything. A good use of .info domain name extensions is for lead generation and community building. You should avoid using this extension for making money directly and stick with the spirit of the intended use and provide information only to reinforce your branding and trademark of a .com extension where you sell your products from

4. The Dot Org Domain Extension Means What?

Dot Org (.org) – These top level domain names are intended for non-commercial use. While anybody can register a .org domain name it should be used for non-profit organizations. Like the .info top level extension domains, these are best used for building a community and reinforcing your trademark and branding efforts to gain the trust of your web site visitor’s. To accomplish that simply provide immense value.

5. The Dot Net Domain Extension Means What?

Dot Net (.net) – This top level domain extension really serves no meaningful purpose other than at one point many of the good domain names were getting taken up so this generic top level domain joined the landscape. There are rumors with the .net extension just as there are with the .info top level domain extension that search engines like Google have an uncanny tendency to not generally rank these domains in the search results.

The above domains are the most popular top level domain name extensions but there’s more such as country level top domains such as .us, .ca, .co.uk and the list goes on. Top level country domain extensions are best suited if your business and target audience is only the country you live in and typically to register a country level domain you have to be a resident of that country.

Other advice when looking at sale of domain names on various registration and escrow services you need to try to find a domain name that is short and memorable, again you need to think about building a community of visitors that know you, like you and trust you in order to be a successful internet seller.

If you register a domain that looks something like mylonganddulldomainname.com then you risk having your web site visitor thinking this is a stupid domain.

One last thing you need to know about registering a domain, 24 hours is permitted for your domain to get updated throughout the internet, sometimes up to 48 hours.

I hope this helps you understand what domain extension means what.

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