US Airways Premier World MasterCard Review

US Airways Premier World MasterCard Review

US Airways Premier World MasterCard

US Airways Premier World MasterCard Review

If you’re a frequent flyer you’re going to love the US Airways Premier World MasterCard offer that’s on right now because by making just one purchase you could be banking 30,000 bonus points right now plus a lot more great mile travel rewards, miles benefits include perks such as 2 round trip companion tickets on US Airways every year and the convenience of First Class check-in at the airport.

There’s more bonus US Airways Dividend Miles you can earn if you transfer your balance from another credit card company. When you transfer a balance from another card company within 90 days of opening your US Airways Premier World MasterCard account you could get another 10,000 bonus miles for a total of 40k easy to earn bonus travel miles!

Not only does transferring your balance from another card company get you ahead of the game on earning free flights faster with the bonus program this Barclays card offer has for you, there’s another great perk to be had.

When you transfer a balance you’ll get the benefit of saving a lot of money because you can take advantage of a special introductory rate of 0% for 15 months!

Check out the perks you get when you’re a US Airways Premier World MasterCard cardholder and apply now to get the following benefits:

US Airways Premier World MasterCard Review Details

What do the US Airways Miles Benefits Include?

You earn free flights faster when your a member of the US Airways Premier World MasterCard Dividend Miles program because you could be getting your first free flight by taking action right now by applying for this Barclays card and making one simple purchase. That’s right, one single purchase on your new credit card with this deal is enough for you start redeeming your airline points!

How Many Dividend Miles Do I Need to Fly Free?

When you apply online today for this offer and use your card for the first time then you’ve just earned yourself up to 30,000 bonus points and you can redeem your points for US Airways flights starting at only 20,000 points.

How Many Dividend Miles Points Do I Earn on Everyday Purchases?

Beyond the really great bonus travel miles rewards program the US Airways Premier World MasterCard gives you, you’ll get 1 mile for every dollar you spend on your credit card.

When you think about how much you spend on gas, groceries, school supplies, stuff for your home and everything else you purchase, you know your US Airways Dividend Miles will be racking up fast.

Plus when you book flights on US Airways the points are doubled. When you use your US Airways credit card from Barclays to book your flights then you get 2 Dividend Miles for every $1 spent on your booking!

Exclusive US Airways Points Redemption Bonus

Your US Airways Dividend Miles go even further when you’re a holder of this credit card because not only do you get a lot of easy to earn travel miles rewards, when you redeem you’re flights you get to book your reward miles flights for 5,000 fewer points!

For example, if you’re booking a flight that requires 25K Dividend Miles you only need to use 20K points. So you could look at this as an additional 5,000 Bonus US Airways Dividend Miles!

Travel Day Conveniences

One of the benefits you get when you apply for this deal right now is the conveniences you get at the airport of having access to the First Class check-in and the Zone 2 priority boarding.

Every frequent flyer knows how convenient this is!

Nobody likes standing in those long baggage check-in lines. When you arrive at the airport for your flight all you want to check your bags in and get through security to relax before your flight and when you’ve got this card in your wallet you get to walk right past those long check in lines because you get to go use the First Class check in counter!

Plus when you’ve got your US Airways credit card, you get the privilege of Zone 2 priority boarding to get you on the plane sooner and get room in the overhead storage for your carry on luggage!

If you’ve flown recently you already know how big of a deal priority boarding is due to limited overhead storage on flights.

There are a lot of great travel miles to be had with this deal and when you combine that with the interest savings of a 0% introductory interest rate on your balance transfers for 15 months you have to agree this is one of the best airline rewards offers going today.

The review team at the VEO Report unanimously voted this as 5 out of 5 star airline reward card, apply online now before it’s too late!