Binero Web Site Hosting Review is Sweden’s leading webhosting company, priding itself on its ability to deliver cheap webhosting with customer service that is clear and easy to understand so that anyone can learn how create a webpage without a lot of technical jargon. The company believes in making websites for businesses that are secure and keep your information private. The customer service has three options for reaching them: phone, email, or by blogging; something that is unique to Binero in that all updates and problems and solutions are blogged so that anyone can see the solutions to problems that have arisen before. There was livechat as well and though it is currently disabled, there are hopes that it will return. There are two packages available: private and order. The private differs in that it has half the storage space and traffic capabilities of the order (1 GB of storage and 25 KB of traffic/month for private and 2 GB of storage and 50 KB of traffic/month for order). This makes a clear line of distinction between personal websites and small business websites which means it’ll be easy to choose the package that will work for you. Binero has also won a number of awards for its services and now comes highly recommended for Swedes looking to make their own websites.

Even paying is smoother than a lot of the competition. Binero allows its customers to pay using a credit card or invoice and rates can be monthly or yearly. There are also no terms or termination fees which is something that most companies try to sneak in. In price alone, Binero has much of the competition beat, but the flexibility in payment and the stuff that the money buys puts Binero above the rest. In American dollars, the private service is about eight dollars a month, while the order service is about seventeen dollars a month. Although this is higher than many of the American web hosting companies, there is a lot that the company offers such as great customer support, plenty of storage space, e-mail, and domain names, among other perks.

The biggest downside of Binero is that it is a Swedish webhosting company-the website is entirely in Swedish, payment is in Kroners, and unless you speak Swedish, the customer support will be useless. However, for any Swede looking to put him or herself on the web, Binero is a great company to work with. The company is continuing to evolve and add to their repertoire, meaning that it will continue to be Sweden’s top web hosting company and anyone who joins up will get to reap the benefits.

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