EliteBook 2530p from HP Review

EliteBook 2530p

EliteBook 2530p – Compare Prices Here

The Hewlett Packard EliteBook 2530p is the perfect notebook for the traveling business person or anyone who does a lot of work using the computer and traveling. It has a very rugged design, actually rated MIL STD 810F by military standards, meaning that it can withstand years of dust, dirt, and abuse. In fact, other reviewers have dropped it and noting on it got chipped or broken. The toughness of the HP Compaq EliteBook 2530p is further compounded by its Durafinish and Duraguard which protects it from scratches and even protects the touchpad from wear and tear due to oil build up from use. The HP 3d driveguard protects the hard drive from damage if the notebook is dropped. The notebook weighs just over three pounds which puts it a bit heavier than most other notebooks, but its sturdy design makes up for a bit of extra weight for most users. However, the EliteBook 2530 is far more than a tough notebook for a traveler.

The HP Compaq EliteBook 2530p has a six cell battery which allows it to run at well over five hours on the battery with everything going at the highest power settings. If you take it down some settings, you can get a lot more power for your battery, making it really portable. The HP EliteBook 2530p core features a low power processor with 1.86 GHz and six MB of cache space. The HP 2530p chipset is a Mobile Intel GS45 Express supporting its Intel duel core processor. The HP EliteBook 2530p also boasts a twelve inch LCD screen that’s safeguarded against scratches and damage by the Duraguard design. The keyboard is quiet with close set keys that aren’t placed in such a way as to be too awkward.

The only place where the HP Compaq EliteBook 2530p loses out against the competition is against the Lenovo IdeaPad which has a better hard drive and processor, but the difference is fairly negligible when doing things like working anyway. Most people don’t do things like video editing on a notebook in any event. The other difference is of course the price-the HP Compaq EliteBook 2530 is far more expensive than the Lenovo IdeaPad, hovering at around $820 while the IdeaPad is around $620. However, you definitely get what you pay for with the HP EliteBook; this notebook is a powerhouse among notebooks and has a great battery life to back it up, unlike most notebooks which either have power or battery life, but not both.

Business people and students will appreciate this heavy duty HP notebook for all of their work. It’s very portable, very durable, and powerful; perfect for anyone spends a lot of time on the go and needs a computer to keep up. This notebook should definitely be on the top of your list if you’re looking for a new portable computer for any of your needs.

EliteBook 2530p – Compare Prices Here

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