FatCow is a web site hosting company that promises to help people create the perfect web pages for their personal or business life with their easy to use control panel. At only about fifty eight dollars a year, clients get a massive load of stuff to help them build the ideal website and thus generate business and/or interest in whatever they wish to put online. People looking to get the maximum amount of things for the minimum amount of money may well find their home in FatCow. Those looking to build a small internet business are best served by a service like FatCow because the services rendered are perfect for small business owners.

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FatCow has two kinds of website building. The main one of course is the actual building of a website. Clients receive things like unlimited e-mail, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free domain name, Google Webmaster Tools, and tools to integrate shopping on your site with everything from catalogues to PayPal integration. The fifty eight dollars is a flat fee-there is no set up fees and your account is instantly activated. Finally, it’s dead easy to create a website using FatCow; their website builder is simply point and click, so anyone can utilize this service to create a professional, fun, and useful website. The other option is to utilize the Minimoo for five dollars a year in order to have a space in which to build your website later, but also have a forwarding e-mail address and all the support you’ll need to build your website when you can-including bad cow puns.

The site for FatCow may look a bit silly-as well as the name-but the people who run FatCow are serious about helping others build their websites. There is 24/7 support, livechat, and email for all of your questions or concerns. The name FatCow might be silly, but it certainly is unique and memorable and that is why the name was chosen.

Although the tech support is 24/7, there are some of people who have had difficulties with it, mostly due to slowness and some rude reps. If you think you will want to utilize the customer service, remember that like any company, you may need to bank some time for it and that customer reps are people and you might be unfortunate enough to get someone in a bad mood or who is poor on the job and hasn’t been caught yet; or who is new. However, there are three different ways to get in touch with customer support-phone, e-mail, and livechat-so if one doesn’t work for you, try another one. Cancelling is also problematic; you end up losing about half the money you paid to start with them. Like any service, make sure to read the User Agreement before signing to watch for any hidden surprises such as fees on nonpayment, the preferred method of payment (credit card) and the minimum spending ($35.00). In this way, you can make sure you get exactly what you want and aren’t surprised when a fee shows up on your bill that you didn’t expect.

FatCow is best utilized by small businesses that want to expand their business onto the internet. The tools are geared towards small business with the ability to take payments online and show things like catalogues. However, it also works as a personal website builder with utilities for blogging and showing photos. It’s very affordable at less than five dollars a month, and shows off an easy click website builder. All in all, FatCow is great if you are new to website building and want to expand your small business or personal life.

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