Garmin Nuvi 205 Review

The Garmin Nuvi 205 is a much smaller GPS navigator than others in the seven or eight hundred series; it only has a 2.8 inch screen and is even slimmer and lighter. It’s also lighter on the features; it is much more streamlined with only the very bare necessities of navigation plus a few entertainment extras. This makes it far more affordable than other portable GPS navigators and allows you to use it in more places than just the car, such as your bike. Although lighter on features than GPS models in the seven or eight hundred, it has what you’ll need to get around without any gimmicks.

This portable GPS navigator has preloaded maps of most of the United States, (not Alaska) and Puerto Rico. These maps can take information from a satellite to tell you where things like restaurants are and can use photos you’ve downloaded into the GPS so that you do visual navigations. This model uses a touch screen which can be locked so that it doesn’t accidentally get changed when you’re navigating. This navigator is also compatible with MSN Direct and with an FM transmitter, though you’ll have to purchase the software and any gear necessary separately. These are both well worth looking into though as the MSN Direct can give you a wealth of information pertaining to things like traffic, weather, flying conditions, and even information on what kind of events are going on in the town and what the local movie times are. The FM transmitter can be used to play MP3s and audio book players too.

The Garmin Nuvi 205 is an older model of GPS which means that it is missing many of the things of later models, such as Bluetooth and voice over instructions. However, being an older model also means that it’s a lot cheaper; the suggested retail price is about $120.00 USD and you can find it even cheaper online.

If you are looking for a very portable GPS navigator with only the bare necessities for navigation and entertainment and you want the cheaper price to go with it, then the Garmin Nuvi 205 could be the perfect thing for you. It has everything you could need for navigation and some entertainment too without any additions that you don’t add yourself and thus aren’t too likely to forget about. It’s an economic GPS, but you aren’t going to be getting a lot of things to go with it; just the basics and the compatibility for a few add ons.

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