Garmin Nuvi 285WT Review

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Tramadol To Buy The Garmin Nuvi 285WT is packed with extra features that will not only help you navigate the roads with ease with voice prompted turn-by-turn directions it will also give you cool features such as weather reports, traffic reports and it will even give you movie times plus a lot more. The Nuvi 285WT is definitely a GPS navigator you’ll love especially if you want extra features however if all you want is a basic GPS system then you should read the Garmin Nuvi 255WT review here, which is a solely a GPS unit. Having said that, most people love the extra features and once you get a Nuvi 285WT and start using the extras you’ll be thanking me for recommending it to you.

Garmin Nuvi 285WT Specs

source site see Dimensions: 4.8″W x 2.9″H x .8″D (12.2 x 7.4 x 2.0 cm) Size: 3.81″W x 2.25″H (9.7 x 5.7 cm); 4.3″ diag (10.9 cm)
Tramadol Cod Online Resolution: 480 x 272 pixels Display type: WQVGA color TFT with white backlight
Tramadol Visa Overnight Weight: 6.1 ounces (172.93 g)
go to site Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion Battery life: up to 4 hours
High-sensitivity receiver

Garmin Nuvi 285WT Features

When you buy a Garmin Nuvi 285WT you can subscribe to the MSN Direct service which gives you real-time updates meaning you can avoid traffic accidents and backups along with live weather reports to help you get there faster by re-routing your trip.
You’ll be driving safer with the voice prompted turn-by-turn directions so all you have to do is listen to where your Nuvi 285WT is telling you to turn

Another really cool feature you get with the Nuvi 285WT is built in Bluetooth that allows you to connect your cell phone for hands-free calling. Most areas now require by law that if you are going to use your cell phone while driving you must be hands free. The Garmin 285WT will connect compatible cell phone with Bluetooth technology to your GPS and then you can make calls with one touch dialing from your GPS navigator.

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