Garmin Rino 520HCx Handheld GPS / 2 Way Radio Receiver Review

Garmin Rino 520HCx

The Garmin Rino 520HCx is a higher end combination GPS navigator and 2 way radio that gives you up to 5 watts of transmission power in GMRS mode delivering longer 2 way radio communications versus lower end handheld combo units that only have an output power of 1 Watt. You get up to 14 miles line of site radio communications with the Rino 520HCx and up to 2 miles when communicating over FRS.

When you are on the trails, back country, fishing, hunting or even out on the water you want a handheld GPS and 2 way CB radio combo unit you’re going to need to consider battery duration and weight of the unit especially if you are hiking the trails, you know every ounce counts when you are back packing into the back country and you know that battery life matters.

The Garmin Rino 520HCx gives you 14 hours of battery life and also has a removable rechargeable Lithiom Ion battery back which means you can buy additional batteries to swap out should you use up the 14 hours of on-time and the 10.3 ounce weight is not going to weigh down your pack with it’s light weight.

Rino 520HCx 2-Way Radio Features Review

The Garmin Rino 520HCx 2 Way Radio Communications

  • Operates on FRS & GMRS frequency bands
  • The Rino 520HCx gives 22 channels of operation
  • The 520HCx has 38 squelch codes
  • FRS output power 0.5 Watts of up to 2 miles communication distance
  • GMRS for US users 5.0 Watts delivering up to 14 miles 2 way radio communications
  • Garmin Rino 520HCx GPS Features Review

  • Find your way on the roads with turn-by-turn navigation
  • Hunting & Fishing Calendar Built-In
  • Get sun and moon info
  • Built in area calculation
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