HP Mini Netbook Review

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HP Mini – Compare Prices Here

Ordering Tramadol Overnight The HP Mini is a series of mini notebooks from Hewlett-Packer which packs a punch for its small size. They are geared towards all aspects of life, from work to education, to play and each type has its specifications that make it best suited for a different job. All of them though have their similarities; they are all very small and portable, they are all easy to switch out their RAM for larger ones without voiding the warranty. Each Mini has been improved since they came out to be more accessible to a wider business and student market.

get link The HP Mini that is on the market now is the HP Mini 2140 which built on the HP Mini 2133 that was built to help students and business owners manage their work more efficiently on a small, very portable computer. The 2133 ran anything from Linux to Business Vista, depending on which version you bought (Linux was the cheapest at $499 and Business Vista was the most expensive at over $700). The HP Mini 2133 was just over ten inches long and feather light in weight. The 2140 built on all of these things, catering to the more business minded individuals with its 80 GB drive and incredible portability at only just over two and a half pounds in weight. You get all of this at the cool price of about $300.00, though buying expansions for memory and extra programming is more expensive.

see url The newest HP Mini is the HP Mini 5102 which is geared towards students and businesses, though consumers may enjoy it as well. It is very portable, but has a great battery life when you use the six cell battery (just over seven hours). This netbook has a starting hard drive of a 160 GB, but can easily be upgraded. It runs fairly quickly too, even for things like video livestreaming. And unlike many other netbooks like the IdeaPad, it has three USB ports, not two. The HP Mini 5102 also has business timesavers such as QuickLook which allows you to look over your contacts and mail in a flash and when doubled with Outlook Express, lets you do email fast; and the use of its webcam to recognize you and have you logged in immediately.

http://greystoneenergy.com/?wordfence_syncAttackData=1557769621.2964 The company Compal Electronics which made the HP Mini is also responsible for creating the Dell mini, which is a great notebook for consumer use and came with Windows XP Home, as well as the MSI Wind which was a huge favorite in 2008 with the critics. With these kinds of credentials backing up the company, you know that the HP Mini is also going to be something special, especially for businesses and students.

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