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The IdeaPad s10 was Lenova’s first attempt at creating a netbook to rival other companies. It came on the heels of the ThinkPad which were laptop/tablets. The IdeaPad came out in 2008 and since then, there have been a few updated models, though it is the original that garnered the most praise in many IdeaPad s10 reviews.

The IdeaPad s10 has a very sleek design which appealed to most of the reviewers and users. It’s also very light, making it easy to carry around. Although you would think that the lighter weight would come from cheaper materials, the IdeaPad is fairly solid and can be packed around in a book bag when it’s needed. The IdeaPad s10 dimensions are 183mm by 250.2mm and only 22mm deep. It weighs in at just under two kilograms

Amazingly light for a computer made of materials that won’t shatter as soon as you look at them! The IdeaPad s10 also has a beautiful LCD display screen. The portability of the IdeaPad s10 had a few people worried because it only has two USB ports, instead of the usual three for a netbook and the keyboard is small and a bit awkward.

This brings reviewers of the IdeaPad s10 to the negatives. The keyboard is much smaller to accommodate the smaller machine, but is also smaller than comparable netbooks which makes it harder to use. Some of the keys are awkwardly placed, like the Shift key, and like all Netbooks, you have to do a hen peck typing style, instead of the usual touch typing. The other big problem users will have is with the IdeaPad s10’s battery life; it’s a lot shorter than other netbooks. The claim is for three hours, but in practice, it barely lasts longer than two. This makes it far less portable than other larger netbooks because you need access to a power source if you want to use for any length of time.

Even with its flaws though, the IdeaPad s10 stands up well to its contemporaries. It has the capacity for RAM than the MSI Wind (which only has 1GB of RAM) and can run just as many programs. It also has a slightly longer battery life than the MSI Wind, though it’s not as good as other netbooks.

The IdeaPad s10 is a beefed up version of the IdeaPad s9 which came out at about the same time, but was cheaper and had less inside. Both versions are good, though the s9 is better for simple surfing whereas the s10 can do more elaborate things and run more programs. The IdeaPad s10 in turn has been beefed up by the arrival of the Lenova Skylight which features a ten hour battery life thanks to the economic processor which still manages video. However, if you’d prefer to wait for prices to come down, you can pick up a perfectly good IdeaPad s10 from Lenova outlets like for around four hundred dollars.

The IdeaPad s10 is a great little netbook for going online, doing office work, and storing some data for later. It’s well worth the cost and will be a part of your computer repertoire for a while to come.

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