Attention ING Sharebuilder Users – Are Your Transactions Secure?

ING ShareBuilder is an excellent trading platform that helps 100’s of thousands of people to manage their online trading efforts, you can read the full review of ING Share Builder here

Before you do any trading online you should make sure you update your computer with the la

The Tigger.A virus is impacting ING Sharebuilder users. What the Trigger Malware Trojan virus does is grant evil doing hackers administrative access that you yourself the computer user don’t have access to.

This is impacting online traders using services such as ING Sharebuilder through a vulnerability in Microsoft’s ancillary function driver that gives a hacker administrator privileges by adding the ability to insert illegitimate AV software.

The hackers gain access to your computer by disabling Windows Defender Windows Firewall, Outpost, Avira, Kaspersky, AVG, and CA anti-virus software and then taking your data entered such as your login and account information and sending it into their database.

If you are an ING Sharebuilder trader or perform any other sensitive financial transactions online such as personal banking or use any other stock trading software then you need to beware that the Tigger Trojan could impact you.

So far this Trojan seems to target primarily

  • ING Direct ShareBuilder
  • E-Trade
  • Options XPress
  • Vanguard,Scottrade
  • TD Ameritrade
  • If you are associated with any of these firms be warned.

    I found some tips for removing this virus from an article written by Michael Kassner. Here is what Michael recommended to remove this virus:

    1. Rename the anti-malware installation
    2. Rename the anti-malware executable file
    3. Run your anti-malware / virus detection a few times

    While this is not the official method for permanent removal it seems to have worked for many others using online trading services such as ING Sharebuilder.

    When there is a permanent fix for this virus I will post an update for you.

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