Lenovo x200s Review Buying Guide

Lenovo x200s Review
Lenovo x200s Reviews – More Info

Here’s our Lenovo x200s review and after reading this we’re absolutely positive you’ll love this incredible laptop computer because of these features:

  • Intel Centrino 2 Processor with vPro Technology
  • Compact design starting at just 11.1 inch width x 7.4 inch depth
  • Incredibly long battery life of up to 14.1 hours
  • Extremely lightweight starting at only 2.43lbs making it awesome for business trips
  • 12 inch display with some model LED backlit
  • Rugged Magnesium alloy cover to protect your laptop from drops
  • Some Lenovo x200s models come equipped with the ThinkPad Roll Cage for added strength and protection
  • Solid state hard drives delivering more durability, better performance and giving you extended battery life
  • Full Sized ThinkPad keyword – ThinkPad keyboards are designed to resist water damage from accidental spills
  • Lenovo x200s Wi-Fi Networking

    You’ll not only get a laptop computer that’s durable and delivers peak performance with the Lenovo ThinkPad x200s, you’ll really love the advanced Wi-Fi Networking built in to the x200s, here’s the Wi-Fi Networking technology you get:

  • WWAN with GPS
  • WiMAX
  • UWB
  • Furthermore, you’ll also get built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity so you’ll be able to connect your other Bluetooth devices such as cell phones and other computers or any portable Bluetooth device to transfer files your use your Bluetooth headset to talk on Skype or your favorite online instant messenger service.

    In this Lenovo x200s review we can tell you that you’re making a wise investment when you buy a ThinkPad x200s because of the breakthough performance and durability you get with this notebook computer featuring the rugged Carbon Fibre ThinkPad Roll Cage casing you get and the advanced technology you’ll enjoy with the Intel Centrino 2 featuring vPro technology that means you’ll get top performance from your laptop computer at the same time you’ll get the extended battery life the Lenovo ThinkPad x200s series of computers is best known for.

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    Lenovo IdeaPad s10 Review

    The IdeaPad s10 laptop computer was designed with affordability and portability in mind while the s10 is compact like the Lenovo x200s it’s not as powerful but having said that you can get the IdeaPad s10 for about half the price of the x200s.

    If you’ve got the budget for the more powerful x200s laptop it’s worth having the extra computer power the Lenovo x200s delivers because you’ll avoid the lags and delays of loading files and watching movies, listening to music that can happen on lesser laptops when you’ve got more than one window open at a time.

    Lenovo IdeaPad s10 Review

    Lenovo ThinkPad x100e

    The ThinkPad x100e is another very sleek and slim laptop computer without a high end price. You can get the Lenovo ThinkPad x100e for less than $500. Again with a lesser model, comes lesser performance.

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