Long distance calling cards are prepaid cards that give you a set amount of long distance or even international calling minutes. These prepaid phone cards can be purchased in most stores, including grocery stores, and usually come in denominations of $10, $25, and $50. They can be used for both landlines and mobile phones. Long distance calling cards come in two forms; you can either purchase a prepaid calling card that allows you to call long distance number or you can purchase international calling cards which can give you deals on making calls in countries such as the United Kingdom or South Africa, depending on the company and what the promotion is. Long distance calling cards should be used sparingly though since most of them have higher rates than simply having long distance as part of your telephone service. However, if you don’t call long distance a lot or you live somewhere that you can’t make your own phone services (such as in a dorm), a long distance calling card is a real boon.

Another time to have a good calling card is when you are calling internationally. There are companies which specialize in making international calling cards and have deals to call countries all over the world. You have to do some research into these because many international calling cards charge different rates for different countries, so be sure to get the best card to fit your international calling needs. Cheap long distance rates can be commonly found for countries such as the U.K. and South Africa, as well as some countries like Taiwan; others such as Mexico are more expensive. These companies also give you local access numbers that let you call cities and towns successfully without having to search through the directory of the country, province, or state that the town is in.

Both prepaid phone cards and international phone cards can be purchased in a variety of stores as well as online. They are suitable for any telephone and cell phone and are very easy to use. Some of them require the use of PINs while other cards do not; the ones you purchase online tend to utilize a loose plan instead of using PINs or they email you your PIN as soon as you purchase the card. Buying a calling card online will require either a credit card and/or PayPal. Purchasing online though doses give you the advantage of being able to compare calling card rates and pick the one best suited for you.

If you don’t want to use a card, you can pick up prepaid mobile phones for your household and get a great deal on your long distance calls that way too. This allows you to pay for set amount of minutes in advance and then top up as you need to. It’s a good service to use if you use long distance calling sporadically and cannot predict how many minutes you’ll require.

Long distance calling cards are very convenient to use, but be sure to pick the one that suits your needs best so that you don’t end up overpaying for something you’re not using. Be careful too about hidden fees and charges; the companies which produce these cards make a lot of their money from hidden fees and you don’t want to find yourself losing minutes to these charges.

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