Long Distance Plans

Most nation wide telephone companies offer long distance plans as part of their service. Long distance plans can range from simply offering long distance service for set price per minute, or can be a deal of sorts, such as a bundle of minutes for a certain price per month and after the bundle has been used up, you pay a rate of X-amount/minute. This is the most common long distance phone plan and the one you’ll most likely be offered or take advantage of via a promotional deal. Telephone companies generally use the amount of minutes for a set cost deal to bring in consumers too; for example, Telus offers a deal that gives two hundred long distance minutes for six dollars a month; beyond two hundred minutes, it’s four cents a minute.

Before deciding to use a long distance plan, you should take a look at how much long distance calling you do before picking a plan. You can do this simply by asking a customer service representative to look at your long distance history for a couple months and then see which long distance plan is best for you. This not only saves you money, but also stress because you won’t be constantly counting minutes to make sure you’re not over your limit; you’ll be using what you normally use anyway. Most people only use a rough amount per month anyway most of the time, so there’s no reason to pay per minute when you can save a bit of money with the right long distance plan.

A long distance phone plan is best used by a household which has a home phone and calls long distance regularly. There are a number of plans offered by all different companies and you can usually find plans catered for businesses and households which offer different bundles of minutes. If you don’t call long distance very often, then you’re better off using a long distance calling card which lets you prepay for a set amount of minutes and use them instead. This will save you more money and be more convenient to use. Calling cards are also widely used for long distance calling with cell phones and in dorms for college since dorms don’t have telephone plans usually.

Your long distance plan should be catered to the kind of phone calling you do monthly. If you do a moderate to a lot of long distance calling, then you should talk to your telephone service provider about a good long distance plan for your household and your telephone needs. If you don’t do much long distance calling at all, then you’re long distance plan should use calling cards rather than a monthly cost. Either way, you need the best long distance plan to keep in contact with everyone in your friends and family or with a bit of asking around and research, you can easily find it.

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