Microsoft Conficker Patch updates are available from the Microsoft TechNet Page

While the Microsoft patches are ready and should be installed if computer administrators delayed installing the patch to prevent the Conficker worm, self-replicating program that takes advantage of networks and computer that haven’t kept up to date with some kind of malicious software removal tool. If you haven’t kept up to date with a patch to fix and prevent the conficker worm from wreaking havoc on your computer then you need to make sure your Microsoft patches are up to date.

But more importantly you should regularly use a malicious software removal tool to ensure your computer is protected ongoing so you don’t have to get into a panic about always having to get something like the Microsoft Conficker Patch at the last minute.

To help protect yourself from security breaches that take advantage of a specific vulnerability on your computer you should make sure you have anti virus software installed on your computer because you don’t want to be left being the fool on April Fool’s day.

Yes, the Conficker worm is set to explode on April Fool’s day but because your are already looking for the Microsoft Conficker patch you are admitting the need to protect your computer from the malicious activities that malware such as the conficker worm deliver.

Because of this worm you should also make sure you get the best protect available to help you stay up to date and get a malicious software removal tool to protect you by ensuring computers that haven’t kept up to date on viruses, worms and malware applications are kept in check automatically.

To get the best detection when these viruses spread I seriously recommend you go get a software removal tool so you can sleep at night knowing your computer is protected

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