MSI gx620 Price

MSI gx620 Price
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Before we tell you where you can save 100’s of dollars off the regular MSI gx620 Price let’s review what the MSI gx620 has.

Gx620 Technical Specifications

Processor & Chipset
2.26GHz Intel Dual Core 2 Duo P8400


Disk Drive Capacity
320 GB

15.4 inch WXGA mode display
Featuring the powerful 512Mb nVIDIA GeForce 9600m GT graphics card

Operating System
Windows Vista Home Premium

What people that have bought the MSI gx620 love most about the the gx620 is its incredibly fast processor combined with the power of the GeForce 9600m GT graphics.

Everything about this laptop computer is fast right down to the Scorpio hard drive from Western Digital which is one of the fastest and most reliable hard drives on the market today.

Of course you get built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networking to keep you connected when you’re on the go.

Now for the MSI gx620 price, normally you’ll pay over $1,000 for this laptop but we’ve found one for a LOT less than that.

Currently there’s only one left at this price and we’re not sure if the seller will have anymore available there’s a savings of about $400 if you act now

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If that one is gone please leave a comment to let us know so we can remove that link or if you’ve found better pricing on the MSI gx620 we’d like to here where you bought yours.

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