Sony Bravia LX900 – XBR-60LX900 3D HDTV Review

Sony Bravia LX900 XBR-60LX900

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The 60″ Sony Bravia LX900 (model number XBR-60LX900) uses state-of-the-art technology giving you an incredibly slim design while delivering top notch contrast so you can enjoy the thrill of viewing your movies, sports events and TV shows in Full HD 1080p.

Here’s what you get with the Bravia LX900 XBR-60LX900

Sleek Slim Minimalistic Design

The Bravia XBR60LX900 is a mere 2 5/8 inches thick, now that is an ultra-slim design featuring the best in video technology.
The Bravia LX900 is ideal for any room because regardless of living in a huge house or if you’re in a small downtown apartment you can have the big screen experience without taking up much space.

Technology the Sony Bravia LX900 Delivers

  • 60″ Inch Wide Screen LCS TV with 3D
  • Full HD 1080 for excellent Contrast and Bright Colors
  • Built-In WiFi to access the internet
  • Built-in 3D sync transmitter & 3D glasses to watch movies & play 3D video games
  • When you buy the Sony Bravia LX900 XBR-60LX900 you’ll love the MotionFlow PRO 240Hz technology because of what this technology does for your viewing experience, it creates the smoothest image flow because it’s refreshing at 4x faster and that means for fast action movies or sporting events you get a fluid viewing expierence that’s unparalled.

    The Sony Bravia LX900 (model XBR60LX900) is the highest quality Sony HDTV available and you’ll love not only the picture quality you get but you’ll get years and years of entertainment from the Bravia LX900, Sony is known for building lasting quality products. In fact I’ve got Sony electronics that I purchased 20 years ago that still work!

    When you are going to invest in a new 3D HDTV you can make your purchase with confidence because unlike other 3D TV manufacturers Sony has a proven track record of building the best in home electronics.

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