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The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge is Lenovo’s attempt to bridge the gap between business and consumer computers and make a computer that is more accessible to both types of buyers. It builds on the success of the former ThinkPads to create a notebook that aims to be popular with a wider market. The ThinkPad Edge has a thirteen inch LCD screen, is light and stylish with a contrasting color scheme and a reasonably nice finish. It also has a comfortably designed chiclet keyboard, getting rid of one of the complaints attached to ThinkPads relating to the oddly designed keyboards that are awkward to use.

The ThinkPad Edge is a hybrid of a professional and home notebook and as such, it can never quite be either one, which may be problematic for some. The ThinkPad Edge is more powerful than a consumer notebook, but is underpowered compared to more business centered notebooks and it’s almost completely useless for gaming as it uses slower, but more efficient components. The ThinkPad Edge has 4 GB of RAM, 320GB of memory, and a 1.3GHz processor which is pretty middle of the road for a notebook, but probably isn’t good enough if you want to use it solely for business. Unlike other small notebooks though, the ThinkPad Edge features three USB ports and has a battery life of almost seven hours when you’re running it on decently powerful settings, making it a more portable computer for consumers and business people alike. It has a stronger than average quality of construction, though a few people have grumbled about its finish which looks a bit mottled.

However, the ThinkPad Edge is still a hybrid which means it can never quite measure up to either of its parents. It doesn’t have the processing power of a business style notebook, or the speed and lower price of a consumer driven notebook. It doesn’t have a lot of memory, though you can easily upgrade it without voiding your warranty. It doesn’t have an optical drive at all, but it did improve on its processor’s keyboard design which was annoying to many users who find the new one to be much more comfortable and more serviceable.

The ThinkPad Edge is also a middle of the road notebook in cost though which will make it more accessible too. It’s slated to come into stores at around $449.00 which makes this ThinkPad the first ever one to be priced at under $500.00. This also makes it easier to buy, especially for students who may want a notebook, but don’t need one that’s expensive and has a lot of things that won’t be used.

Time will tell whether the new ThinkPad Edge will be as popular as the rest of the ThinkPad lineup, but so far the prognosis seems good. All you can really do is is try it out for yourself and see if it works for you.

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