ThinkPad t400s Review

ThinkPad t400s

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The ThinkPad t400s is the upgraded installment of the ThinkPad t400 and Lenovo has upgraded a lot of the things which were annoying in the first round of the ThinkPad t400. Whether you are a consumer or a business person, the temptation to buy this notebook will likely be huge.

The ThinkPad t400s has kept the legendary comfort of its keyboard with the addition of enlarging the ‘escape’ and ‘delete’ keys since they were found to have the most use and thus would need to be enlarged for comfort. The power button also becomes the indicator of the power switch and the mute button instead of having an icon on the screen. This is a neat feature, not necessary, but does make things very obvious to you. The keyboard is still very comfortable though and the touchpad has been changed to feel softer, more dimpled and more responsive, though that takes some getting used to.

However, the ThinkPad t400s is far more than a nice looking machine. It has a 128 GB SSD and an Intel Duo Core processor which makes the machine run very quickly and smoothly. The notebook uses the Windows Vista Business (SP1) as its operating system and a six cell battery that can be upgraded if you’re willing to pay the extra price. The ThinkPad t400s has a battery life of about five hours with the six cell battery which isn’t bad, but not great compared to other t400s with up to ten hours or more in battery life. Buying the nine cell battery extends the life, but it’s up to you whether or not to shell out the money.

The money question is an important one because unfortunately, the ThinkPad t400s is very expensive; just about $1400 without any upgrades. It is the most expensive ThinkPad on the market and this alone may chase off a lot of users since notebooks are traditionally cheaper than their laptop counterparts. However, other users will find that it is well worth the price; it is a beautiful notebook with tons of new features that build on the old Notebook, improving the good things and taking out the more annoying features.

The main competitor for the ThinkPad t400s is the MacBook Pro, though the two computers are difficult to compare side by side. The ThinkPad t400s uses Vista while the MacBook is an Apple, so your decision will most likely be determined by your preference in operating systems. The two notebooks have decent screens, RAM and memory, so in the end, it’s up to you which company to go for.

The ThinkPad t400s is a definite winner for anyone who likes the ThinkPad series and wanted to see a continuing improvement in the computer. It’s great for business people and works well for students and some consumers. It’s not great for gaming, but then no notebook is, so that should come as no surprise. If you need to work with a computer, then a ThinkPad t400s is a good bet for a buy, even if it is more expensive than other notebooks on the market.

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