ThinkPad T410 Notebook Review

ThinkPad t410

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The ThinkPad T410 is the new T series Lenovo ThinkPad. It has powerful insides, running Windows 7 on a new Intel dual core processor, the i5 and Core i7. It has a beautiful LCD backlit screen that’s actually on center, unlike older ThinkPads like the ThinkPad x200 which had a screen that was slightly off kilter, much to the vague annoyance of its users. The ThinkPad T410 has a ‘bump’ battery which has more power and sits evenly with the rest of the Notebook instead of causing it to tilt up when you use a more powerful battery. This version of the ThinkPad also has four USB ports instead of the usual 3.

The ThinkPad T410 and the rest of this series have just been released as a business notebook to professionals who want a slim portable with enough power to handle everything they could need. This computer has a fourteen inch screen with a tidy resolution of 1440X900 pixels, making for very clean pictures and visuals. The notebook comes with a six cell battery, though it can be upgraded easily to nine cell if you’re so inclined. A nine cell slice battery gives you an amazing eighteen hour battery life, if you’re careful about how you use it. You can also upgrade your computer with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. The ThinkPad T410 also has an optical drive.

The ThinkPad T410 is geared towards traveling professionals with an expanded battery life and Windows 7 operating system with plenty of room for storage. The ThinkPad T410 also has up to 8GB of RAM; it can be easily modified from its original state. However, the T410 isn’t quite as light as the original 400 series, (it starts at just over three pounds, which is still very light, just not quite as light as other notebooks from Lenovo) so you won’t want to depend on bringing it wherever you go; though the ThinkPad T410 is very thin at under an inch. The T410 also has an easy to use and nicely designed touchscreen.

The ThinkPad T410, along with T410s and T510 are brand new; they started to hit the shelves in early January and as such are cutting edge technology in the business world. However, unlike most brand new notebooks with this much power, you aren’t going to pay a mountain of cash for it; Lenovo is responding the tightening of peoples’ belts by lowering prices; the T410 hits the shelves at only around $1300, making it one of the cheaper T series on the market today. The combination of style, productivity, and lower price, makes it ideal for new businesses, ambitious professionals and even students and some consumers. In short, it’s a great computer to get right now!

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