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One of the biggest problems that happens with digital media is you find something you want stored on your computer but your computer system reports some kind of incompatibility error.

I’ve had this happen when I was looking for an MP3 file to load on my iPhone of one of my favorite songs that isn’t available for sale ANYWHERE!

FINALLY! I found a video another fan of the band posted on YouTube and I was rocking away to this tune and even bookmarked the song for easy access to the song.

Then one day, the video was taken off YouTube because of Trademark infringements and now I guess I’ll have to wait another 20 something years before I can listen to the song Chalice of the Soul released by the band Parasite.

OK, I’ll ALWAYS buy a song or album of songs I love from my perhaps misguided past but when you can’t buy the song ANYWHERE it gets a bit frustrating, if only when I found that song I had a tool like the Tiny YouTube Converter I’d be able to convert YouTube videos into MP3 so I could rock on until I could give the artist the purchase they deserve if they’d only release their album for sale in iTunes!

What The Tiny YouTube Converter Does For You?
You’ll be able to use the Tiny YouTube Converter to download and convert the YouTube video into an MP3 formatted file so you can listen to the audio on your MP3 player.

Yes, converting video and audio files into formats that are playable on your MP3 device is VERY frustrating because there are TONS of digital media formats so if you’ve got questions about file conversion software go ahead and ask your questions here and we’ll make sure we answer your questions about converting YouTube videos into MP3

It doesn’t matter if your trying to convert YouTube video into MP3 files or trying to render your home videos from one format to another….

It’s confusing technology and we’re hear to help you get the answers you need!

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