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With twenty five years of experience and several options to choose from, UltraHosting prides itself on its ability to deliver best managed website hosting services with the best customer support on the market. UltraHosting features several types of hosting, from the basic virtual server, up to the Supreme server and managed hosting, with several options in between, all geared towards different kinds of websites and needs. They are supported by about a dozen different software, including Windows Server and cPanel, and they pride themselves on a ‘110% price guarantee’ promising the lowest prices on the market or they’ll match the competitor and then take off another 10%. The servers can be in the form of Windows, Unix or Linux.

Although not the lowest price on the market at face value (the cheapest server they offer is $19/month), the fact is that with UltraHosting, one gets a lot more than from other web hosting companies that are cheaper. The cheapest server includes five GB of storage (as opposed to the usual one or two), 200 GB of traffic and 100% uptime promise. And the perks only increase the further up one goes. The most expensive server at $95/month has 80-500 GB hard drives for storage, 1500 GB of traffic and the usual 100% uptime promise. Between them costs range from $29-$75 with varying amounts of storage and traffic capabilities. You simply pick which one you think will be of the most use to you. The customer service can be reached via livechat (or leave a message when they’re offline) or by the phone and with over a hundred professionals; you’re bound to get a swift answer to any problems or queries. Plus, you can have your server up very quickly; they advertise their virtual servers as being up in an hour and others have had them up in less than three days. The shared server only allows six to ten people so there aren’t as many incidences of clogging. They are also willing to rebuild your server if it’s not what you wanted and have been known to waive the costs.

The only real downside is that the servers that UltraHosting offers do not come with e-commerce packages. They are compatible with the application, but you will have to set up this portion yourself or find another company that can do it for you. The only thing UltraHosting sells for e-commerce are the security certificates. This could be a bit problematic for some companies, so be aware of this limitation of UltraHosting.

Other than that omission, UltraHosting is one of the best web hosting companies on the internet-the customer service is fast (I sent off a livechat/message and got an answer back in about ten minutes) and the server packages are of excellent value. Although more expensive than other companies, you definitely get what you pay for and so it’s worth the little extra money a month for all the extra perks and lightning fast customer service. Plus, if you’re watching for the environment, UltraHosting has gone green and guarantees that their business has no carbon footprint and is working to mitigate carbon elsewhere. All in all, UltraHosting is one of the best webhosting companies on the market today.

Get full UltraHosting pricing and details here

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