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Veo Webcam
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The Veo Webcam is incredibly popular mainly due to being one of the most affordable webcams on the market however they are incredible hard to find. I am not sure if the Veo webcams are still being manufactured so if you want to get your hands on one of these easy to use cams then you better hurry and get one now.

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Veo Webcam Technical Specs

  • Video Formats: AVI, WMV
  • Image: JPEG, BMP
  • Resolution: 320 x 240
  • USB 1.1 interface
  • Includes Veo Digital Studio software
  • The Veo Webcam is perfect for anybody that wants a webcam for video chatting with friends on instant messenger systems such as MSN, Skype or AIM along with others because it is very easy to use and is very stable however it lacks a built-in microphone so you’ll need to make sure your computer has a built-in mic.

    You’ll get decent motion with the Veo Webcam. Overall this cam is decent webcam however one of the main concerns many people have about the Veo Webcam is it seems they’ve gone out of business so if you want support for your camera it’s simply not there however you can’t go wrong with the pricing of them if you can find one for sale on Amazon – Click Here to Shop & Compare

    Although this is a decent webcam the big problem again is the lack of a company presence online so I’d recommend that you get the Microsoft Lifecam VX 1000 because it’s got the same level of video quality and for about the same price the Lifecam has a built-in microphone – Read Microsoft LifeCam VX 1000 Review – Click Here

    If you’ve got a Veo Webcam please feel free to submit your comments and reviews about your cam.

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