EZTrader Review

One of the first things many people think when they look at offers like EZTrader is this must be some sort of ponzi scheme. The reason people think that EZtrader could be a scam is their disbelief that you can make outside of a traditional job.

If you’re one of those people that thinks every money making opportunity is a scam and you can’t make money outside of a traditional job, I suggest you read books such as “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki to help change your mindset.

Now for those of you looking to make a difference in your life and boost your financial well-being, let’s get into our EZTrader review.


Review of EZTrader.com Options Trading Platform

  • Get up to 95% ROI on Only One Trade
  • 24/7 Support – You Get Live Support & Top Notch Account Managers
  • Reduced Risk – You Can Sell Your Option Back to EZTrader!
  • Huge selection of global assets
  • You only need to pass the option price by a single tick to make a profit!
  • About Trading Binary Options with EZTrader.com

    Whether your a beginner or an experienced options trader the first thing your going to love about the EZTrader platform is the ease of use. EZTrader.com has developed a leading edge platform that make it easy to start trading options immediately.

    When you sign-up for EZTrader it’s free to join, there’s no membership or account management fees. So there is no risk to join.

    Once you join EZTrader all you need to do to get started on trading binary options is login to your account and click the Deposit link on the upper right side of your screen. Then to fund your account you can use your Visa, MasterCard or Amex card. Both credit cards and debit cards are accepted.

    When you use your credit card to fund your trading account the charge on your card is a regular charge versus a cash advance. Once your deposit is made you can start trading options right away!

    The really great thing about trading binary options with EZTrader.com is the risk is very minimal because the minimum trade amount is only $25!

    Unlike trading traditional stocks where you must buy stocks at the going price on the markets which can be hundreds of dollars per share, with binary options you can profit from very expensive stocks and only risk $25!

    Once you’ve funded your trading account and your ready to start trading another thing that’s really great about EZTrader is you have the choice of placing options trades for end of hour as well as end of day.

    This means you will know if your in profit within the hour when you place an end of hour put or call or if you choose to trade end of day options you’ll know where you stand when the trading floors close for the financial instruments your trading.

    That brings us to another great thing about binary options trading with EZTrader.com, the world is your oyster because you can trade indices, European & US markets as well as currencies and commodities.

    Here is a screenshot example of just how easy it is to begin trading options with the EZTrader platform:

    EZTrader Account

    Screenshot of Live EZTrader Options Trading Account

    In the above screen shot is shows a live options trade on the NASDAQ index, you can watch the progress of your trade in real time. It’s very exciting trading options with this platform!

    To summarize this review of EZTrader.com, trading options with this platform sure beats traditional trading because the minimal financial risk you take is only $25 so we suggest you start trading only $25 on each order to begin.

    We also recommend that when you sign-up for EZTrader that you choose one financial instrument such as an index and begin studying the trends of one asset and study everything about that one single market. This will help you consistently select winning options when you get to know and understand the influencing factors and you’ll know what to watch for on the live streaming news feeds.

    Get started today and sign-up for your EZ Trader.com account now!

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